Summer Film / by Makena Cummings

I'll be honest, film is a very new thing to me. I wasn't one of those lucky kids who had a darkroom in their high school--though that would've been really cool. I also didn't bother to learn anything about it while in college. I was too focused on figuring out my digital camera and loving the instant gratification. When I moved to New York, I thought I would finally have time to explore this new medium. My mom gave me her old Minolta and I began experimenting. But then the whole concert photography thing took off and I found myself setting the Minolta to the side. It became decoration on my windowsill. This spring, however, I picked it back up. I found a great film shop in the East Village that could make prints for a relatively cheap price. Maybe this would reignite my passion for photos that didn't have dudes playing guitar in them. It's been a really fun exercise, taking photos and waiting to see how they turn out. I know they're not incredible, but it's been a cool learning experience. Here are some photos I took over Labor Day Weekend, soaking up the last days of summer. Enjoy!